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Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 04:21 pm
sinnymaker: questions and advice

I stumbled on to this livejournal and thought I throw in a post. We are a british film group filming a short documentary (10min) this fall in Pennsylvania on a small town that is struggling with poverty. While in post production we are now moving closer to a docu-fictional story and seek a script writer to join our team and develop a small story line for our film.

Because I have worked with few fictional storylines I was wondering how I would go about finding talent. I have collected many interviews and pictures of the area, I wanted the screenwriter to form a story that would combine documentary footage with actors.

If there would be any interest in submitting a 10 minute script for the project (full credits on the film and maybe beable to pay for the time) please drop me an email me at sinnymaker @ yahoo.com

Also it anyone has any tips or suggestions that would be most helpful.